Visual Training

There are two eye problems that affect schoolchildren’s ability to study. These binocular vision problems cause reading fatigue. The ophthalmologist can detect «poor convergence» (insufficiency) and «lazy eye» (amblyopia) in children. To treat them, Dr. Mario Cerrella developed many years ago a program called Visual Training, which is now freely available here in open source. The program «Orthoptics» and the program called «Tetris for Lazy Eye» are used with your Visual Exercises Specialist and the indication of your Ophthalmologist. To do the exercises you have to wear the glasses as prescribed by the professional and on top of them these glasses with red and blue glasses (anaglyphs), which can be bought in many places.

We hope that our help will improve the binocular vision of thousands of school children, as the exercises can be done in the clinic with the technician and once they learn how to play they can be done at home with the computer, tablet or mobile phone during the months of the treatment. It has been possible to make this service free for the community thanks to the selfless support of many people who collaborated in its development.

My Lazy Eye

Free Games that improves binocular vision thousands of schoolchildren

The old version of Visual Training
can be freely downloaded and installed
on machines up to Windows 7 or XP,
always up to 32-bit and not in 64-bit.